Hidde Hofland

From playing video games to the real thing. That's how it all began for Hidde Hofland from Apeldoorn. After an infinitive amount of Guitar Hero challenges, his gaming buddy Jelle encouraged Hidde to pick up a real guitar. After receiving his first guitar pick for his 16th birthday, Jelle started teaching him the basics.

By practicing together and writing their own guitar riffs, Black Rabbit became a fact in 2014. Hidde, now 21, has been playing for over 5 years. In May 2018 he completed his Designer studies and now also contributes to the band via logos and posters.

Jelle Brekelmans

The music career of Jelle Brekelmans from Vaassen, started early at the age of 8. His first instrument was the flute after which he switched to the clarinet. it was an experience he shared with his grandfather, they often played the clarinet together.

After 6 years his uncle introduced him to the guitar and taught him the first basic steps. Jelle was instantly hooked and started watching tutorials and looking up online tabs. During the next 6 years he had various guitar teachers.

In 2014, Jelle founded Black Rabbit together with Hidde. Jelle graduated as a sound engineer and thus he was able to record and edit the first songs and videos for the beginning band himself. Five years later Jelle is still writing and playing with full dedication.

Max Hendriks

Playing drums, booking shows and organizing festivals. This is a small selection of what Max Hendriks deals with in his daily life. The 24-year-old from The Hague first came into contact with music on his fourth birthday when he received a drumming lesson as a gift.

It was a rather fitting gift, since he started tapping on everything the first minute he walked on this earth. His tapping never stopped and after 20 years he still plays the drums.

During his graduating year at the Metal Factory in 2018, he founded The Hague Metal Fest. Max tries to do as much as possible for the Metal Scene. His motto "this cannot be a coincidence" became reality when he moved to Apeldoorn the exact same month Black Rabbit was looking for a drummer. From the get go it was already clear that this formation was completed and you will experience that in 2020!

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